“Being able to exchange our underutilized analytical instrumentation for services including PM’s and repairs, we were able to work creatively around a set budget and keep our lab running more efficiently with no additional costs.”

– Laboratory Director, State Police Laboratory

“I needed to get greater sensitivity and traded up by exchanging an earlier model LC-MS/MS for newer instrumentation for a fraction of what it would have cost me new.”

– Lead Scientist, West Coast pharmaceutical lab

“Being forced out of business, we were able to get cash value for our under-utilized lab instrumentation as part of our settlement.”

– Administrative Operations Supervisor, Southeast-based clinical laboratory chain

"When we decided to build out our own analytical laboratory for greater control and precision over our operations, we were able to trade some surplus assets in exchange for installation and calibration services in getting our lab set up. It was terrific.”

– Lab Manager, Chemicals Research Group

“We needed to upgrade our GC/MS instrumentation for LC-MS/MS technology for our confirmations and exchanged a few of our GC/MS’s for an LC-MS/MS along with maintenance services and operator training which we needed.”

– Facilities Director – East Coast Toxicology Laboratory

“When we acquired a few smaller CRO’s, a redundancy of assets was discovered. We were able to exchange a number of these assets for cash value as well as maintenance services on some of the legacy instrumentation.”

– Associate Director of Development, large CRO